Employment Law

Amezola Legal Group provides legal advice and counsel on a wide range of employment law issues, including, discrimination, harassment, unlawful termination, request for reasonable accommodations, unemployment insurance, and wage and hour violations.

Wage and Hour

California provides strong protections to workers (including immigrant workers) to ensure timely and accurate payment of all wages earned. We represent employees in a variety of wage and hour matters, including unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, business expense reimbursements, unpaid commissions , meal and rest break violations, independent contractor misclassifications and more.

If you believe you are owed wages, have been denied meal and/or rest breaks, have been misclassified as an interdependent contractor or otherwise believe your current or former employer may have violated wage and hour laws, please call us for a consultation.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance benefits are meant to help a recently unemployed worker financially sustain themselves while they search for new employment. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in California you will need to meet three key requirements: 

  1. Sufficient earnings through recent work history
  2. You are ready, able and willing to work
  3. Your unemployment was caused by no fault of your own.

In California, employers are given the opportunity to oppose their former employees application for unemployment insurance benefits. The California Employment Development Department (EDD), the state agency that administers the benefit can deny an application if a former employer provides the EDD with information that shows a former employee was terminated for cause. A worker has the right to appeal this initial denial but the period to appeal is short. 

Amezola Legal Group can assist you appeal a denial by EDD and represent you at the subsequent hearing in front of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (UIAB). Please call us today for a consultation.

Discrimination and Harassment

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer treats one person or group of people differently from others who are not in the same group and that differential treatment adversely effects the terms and conditions of their employment. Terms and conditions of employment include thing such as: wages, hours, hiring, firing, job assignments and responsibilities. Federal and California law provide protection to workers against discrimination in the marketplace when it is based on membership to one of the following protected groups: race, national origin, disability, age (40 years and older), pregnancy, religion, marital status and specific to California, sexual orientation and gender identity. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination.