Francisco moved to the United States at the age of 14.  He was born in Michoacán, Mexico but was raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Upon his arrival, he started junior high school and had to learn the English language.  He participated in various school organizations and dedicated his extra time to playing soccer.  He graduated from High School in 1994.  He started managing various Italian restaurants in Fresno, California.  Then, he moved to Michigan and started working for Darden Company for over 6 years as a manager.  Javier has 15 years experience in management. Javier became a citizen through the naturalization process in 2008.  He is currently a full-time student studying business management/administration at San Diego State University and owns two separate business of his own.  In his spare time he likes to play soccer and go hiking.  Francisco is married and lives in San Diego.  Francisco is the officer manager at Amezola Legal Group, APC.