Summary Dissolution

In California, there are two methods of obtaining a divorce: Regular Dissolution and Summary Dissolution.

Summary dissolution is an “easier” method of obtaining a divorce from your spouse.  However, this type of divorce is not available to everyone.  Summary dissolution is possible if the couple

  • Have been married 5 years or less when the petition is filed;
  • Have no children together;
  • Will not be fighting for spousal support;
  • Agree on how their assets and debts will be divided;
  • Do not have debt; and,
  • Do not have many assets.

Those couples who choose this method will be divorced in 6 months from the date of filing their petition with the court.  The best thing is that they will not have to appear in court at all.  The Law Offices of Maricela Amezola can help you with your summary dissolution.



WARNING:  if you are a legal permanent resident and obtained your status after marrying the individual who you now want to divorce, please consult with a lawyer before filing for dissolution as the divorce may cause your removal from the United States.