Maricela, my family and I want to express you a deep gratitude. Thanks to your expertise my case finally got over in a happy end. In 2010 I was incarcerated and subjected to removal proceeds, Maricela was a great support during those dark days for my wife and my daughters, Maricela could get that I was released on the minimum bond when everything seems that I could be deported, Then Maricela conducted my whole case untill it was closed and my hearing was vacated. Thank you to her advise I could get status adjustment as lawfull permanent resident in 2016. Thank you again for all your help. Sincerely

I will like to extend my deepest appreciation for the legal services rendered with high level of professionalism , respect and privacy to me by Attorney Maricela Amezola and I will highly recommend her Law Firm to anybody that need this type of services.

Attorney Amezola is a professional with the utmost care for her clients. She personalizes her cases and makes you feel as if your case was her priority at all times. She was always available to speak with me at a moment’s notice and provided solace with her words and knowledge of the law. My parent’s immigration paperwork went through just fine and now they are in the United States with me. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Maricela helped me and my family in the worst time of our lives. My father was going to be deported and she helped him in his deportation case. She won his case and helped him get his green card back. She was great, personable and was available to answer all of our questions at any time. She was very accessible and definitely helped change in my mind the negative view I had about attorneys. Thank you again for all your help and for helping my dad keep his green card.

Maricela is a great attorney. I recommend her to anyone who has a contested divorce. My husband lied to me about his income and she was able to discover that his income was higher than he told the court. She went above and beyond her duty to help my case and she made me feel very special as her client. She was personable, informative and her attention to my case was great. At the end my ex-husband ended up paying more to me than he imagined. Thank you attorney Amezola for your special care in my case.

I almost lost my green card when my wife divorced me and we did not remove our conditions. Attorney Amezola helped guide me through the process and we submitted the removal of conditions to USCIS and she won it. Thank you very much for your help, you were great and helped me stay in the United States.

IMy husband died last year, he was a citizen. Attorney Amezola helped me get my visa approved even though he was dead. I had lost faith in the system and attorney Amezola helped me regain the trust again. Attorney Amezola speaks my language and she translated everything for me. I trust her and will use her services again.

Maricela took my case pro bono. She defended me against deportation and she won my case. She did it all free and I thank her for that. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She is great and her office is great.


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