Josue was born and raised in El Salvador. Much of who he is today is attributed to the strength and determination of his mother, who raised him by herself since he was five years old. He is the oldest of two siblings. Witnessing her efforts to support his education, from elementary school through his first year of college, ingrained in him a deep appreciation for the importance of family and the necessity of extending help to others whenever possible. Motivated by this, he pursued a course of study in languages at Don Bosco University, aspiring to enhance his linguistic skills to assist people worldwide and contribute positively to society in any way he could.

This journey led him into the field of client services, where he has been engaged since 2013, allowing him to offer his expertise to various law firms across the United States in the last three years. In his spare time, he finds joy in simple pleasures of life, such as books, novels, manga, and comics. Additionally, he spends time with his wife, enjoying movies and TV series, and he also relishes playing with his cats. Josue is our Client Specialist at Amezola Legal Group, APC.